Vaporous Technologies J-Pen Review


0 Comments and The THC Group were given the opportunity to try out the new Vaporous Technologies Titanium Atomizer J-Pen.

J-Pen Starter Kit

J-Pen Starter Kit

We tried out a black j-pen, and upon first glance we thought it was a very nice, small and stealth looking vaporizer. After giving it a full charge, we filled up the atomizer about half way with some freshly made material, and started in for a nice session. The hits from the J-pen are nice and smooth and are a lot easier on the lungs and throat than a normal oil rig. The material seemed to last a pretty good amount of hits before we had to reload, although we did have to stop and stir the material a couple times to get the nice even hits.

Overall, we were pretty impressed with the action that you get from the small pen sized vaporizer. At a cost of $89.99 for the starter set which includes the battery, titanium coil atomizer, USB charger, dab tool, and the travel case, it is reasonably priced to be able to just put it in your pocket and go. Replacement pieces, such as the atomizers or charger, and addons like the aquatube bubbler extension are also readily available at a small cost . A 365 day warranty is also included with the j-pen.

Thanks to Vaporous Technologies for the ability to give the J-Pen a try.

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