Thank You for supporting MariSave and the Counter Culture Lifestyle.

We greatly appreciate any and all support received through the form of donations, giveaways and promotional items, and all the time that volunteers have spent helping to keep going.

Donations are used 100% to help offset the costs associated with the Server and Maintenance Fees, Licensing Fees, Purchasing of Software, Chat Services, and other various needs involved with the daily upkeep of the site’s services.

If you would like to support MariSave by making a donation, we offer a couple different options, although we are limited due to the nature of the service we provide.

We are currently only able to accept donations made by either either Cash, Certified Check/Intl MO, Bank Wire, Crypto-Currencies, and/or Western Union.

Check/MO can be made out and mailed to:

The THC Group
PO Box 74
Monroe, MI 48161

CRYPTO-CURRENCIES ( The THC Network gladly accepts various crypto-currencies. If you don’t see a coin that you would like to donate, please let us know and we will see if we can easily get a wallet setup for your currency )

Bitcoin donations:

Send to BTC Address: 15EJ3TzGcuyxxCEcC8qFxE1C7pTHSMUJCd

Litecoin donations:

Send to BTC Address: Lae9tAbGnzoMAZCVRVm5Wa5qyNKwnghGYv

Cannabiscoin donations:

Send to BTC Address: CaH3uUVu1D863xqkvUexaPp2PUQiUzSHbM

Dopecoin donations:

Send to BTC Address: 4Huja6YjWpanhdusivcWWdet17BnczFc9B

Hempcoin donations:

Send to BTC Address: HRNZxYBsSy2b8oSsi8of9LyppoEFYcDzY3

Potcoin donations:

Send to BTC Address: PUSmE71SCxHcDPM9vcMAxrp8AxxqzNJmF9

Sativacoin donations:

Send to BTC Address: SZ8n4YK13f8kjixzruC119t2SsJieiAynU

To make a donation by Western Union, Contact Us for for the payment details.

I am also working on other alternative options that will accept us, in order for you to be able to support MariSave in various ways.

Other reputable payment processors are being looked into as well.

If you have an option that you would like to have considered, please contact me.

Thanks again for your continued support of and The THC Group.