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MariSave.com offering FREE Deals and Discounts Listings



Are you a business in the Cannabis Industry that would like to have another outlet for customer acquisition?MariSave.com offering FREE Deals and Discounts Listings

MariSave.com is a brand new Cannabis Deals and Discounts site for both medical and recreational marijuana users, that currently offers deals on cannabis seeds, vaporizers, pipes, bongs, hemp clothing, and many other items and specials that folks just can’t pass up.

If you would like to share your deals with a targeted audience, simply head on over to MariSave.com an post your specials for Free!

The time is now, so act fast. Free listings will not be available for too long, so take advantage today and get new prospective customers for your business.

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(originally posted at TheTHCGroup.com 6/10/15)

Know What I’m Sayin’?



Know What I'm Saying?Know What I’m Sayin’?

 “Know What I’m Sayin’?”, follows twenty-something Mickey as he tries to influence the world around him for the better by getting them to smoke weed.  He believes that he can unite the people in his neighbourhood, and create people in his community. Mickey sees the stigma against marijuana and looks to show his community the positive benefits! As Mickey says in the film, “​Weed. Mary-jane. Reefer. Grass. Whatever you call it. I started smoking it when I was a teenager . It made me feel at one with the world, with nature. I thought I could connect people, make them at peace with themselves and each other. Hippie shit, huh? Yeah, maybe.​” We want to make people laugh, see themselves, their friends, pot dealers, or strangers, in the character’s, but also touch on the positive medicinal uses of medical marijuana.

Any contributions will help us get us one step closer to meeting our goal and making the film.  This goes towards insurance, snippets of animation, catering, post production and production, as well as enough rolling papers to cover our props in the shoot.  We will start principal photography at the beginning of August, and shoot on weekends throughout the month!

“Know What I’m Sayin’?” is written by actor/ writer Taylor Olson. It is focused on performance, storytelling and is full of psychedelic trips that the character’s go through. A mix between Pineapple Express, Wayne’s World and Annie Hall we get to hear the character’s thoughts as they fight the stigma of marijuana!

Check out these guys with Robert Bergman @ http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/seeds

What We Need & What You Get

We are lucky to have access to gear and locations to cut our costs down, but this will go towards: insurance, catering, props, animation, sound mixing, and post production.  With the crew we have all volunteering on the film we will be able to use the donations and sponsorships to better the production and the quality of the final product!

Our perks  range from simple to funky. From “thank you”s in the films credits and digital copies of the film to pages of the script, associate producer credits, behind the scenes videos of the cast/ crew and prop joints from the film.

The Impact

Hopefully we will make stoners, casual weed smokers , non smokers, and those against marijuana all laugh alike. We also hope to plant a seed in viewers minds about the medicinal uses of marijuana. People will have fun watching, be relieved of stress (possibly in more ways than one) and hopefully get an abdominal workout all in one.

We also have a completely local team including local cast, crew and musicians. like:

-DJ Dirty Dane:  https://djdirtydane.bandcamp.com/album/may-showers

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand not everyone can donate, but you can help in other ways by sharing our link on social media or sharing with your friends!

Thank you so much, we appreciate your support on this journey!

Benefits of Vaping Verses Traditional Methods of Smoking Cannabis



Cannabis users have long been forced by regulations to use unfiltered products because production of marijuana into the type of cigarettes utilized by the tobacco industry was illegal. The effects of direct smoke on the lungs cannot be categorized in the positive from a health benefits perspective, which is unfortunate given the medicinal qualities of cannabis. Vaping is less immediately harmful to the lungs, because it avoids the biological confrontation to the lungs of heat and direct carcinogens. A vaporizer heats cannabinoids to a boil, rather than burning the dried flowers and creating smoke. This process forces the cannabis to release its properties without the burning of dried flowers. Under the traditional method, when the buds catch fire, the chemical mixes with oxygen to produce additional chemicals, many of which are harmful. Using cannabis oil or concentrates in a vaporizer, versus dried product, also allows for greater effectiveness of the cannabinoid delivery due to the more concentrated dose of cannabis.

So what does this mean in layman’s terms? Any form type of hot smoke on the lungs is very damaging to the lung tissue, and also delivers negative chemicals that are unnecessary and counter-intuitive to the healing properties of cannabis. Vaping has a lot more positive qualities than traditional smoking has (highly concentrated delivery system), while avoiding the negative aspects of smoking (waste, smell, and lung tissue damage).

As more states and nations decriminalize the use of cannabis, there will be more methods of delivery available to the public. Current vaporizer systems do an adequate job of delivering THC and medicinal cannabinoids to the system, without the harmful side effects of smoking. These include those other side-effects that people don’t like to talk about, such as yellowing of the teeth, exposure of family and pets to second-hand smoke, and a reduction of that “pot smell”, that isn’t always welcomed by those who make the choice to use cannabis. All things considered, vaping is the safer choice for cannabis users.

If the health reasons were not enough to change how you smoke cannabis, then consider other positives such as the cost, and being a far more efficient method of “smoking”. When using the more traditional methods of smoking (paper rolled joints, pipes, and water bongs), the heat and fire do not immediately dissipate after someone breather out a “drag” or hit. The dried flowers continue to heat and burn, and therefore the compounds within are still being released into the air. This essentially wastes 20-40% of the product as it continues to heat and burn. Using a vaporizer allows the user to conserve product and save money in the process.

When you review all of the benefits of using a vaporizer compared to the traditional way of “smoking” cannabis, vaping becomes a lot better of an option.